Our Story

Roy n Laure

We are Roy and Laure, we created the company Onira because we miss the greek sea breeze, the restless sun and the warm summer nights. Even though our backgrounds are different, Roy is into IT and Laure a creative person with commercial background, we were inspired from our love for Greece.
Our suitcases always have new clothes, accessories and jewelry and friends admire them, so there was it!
The idea came like that, because no matter where we travel our shopping in Greece is unique and different.

The past 10 years Greece has been a heaven of creativity, new designers using and creating their own materials. Small productions of masterpieces from designers we personally pick for their temperament and their love for Greece.

We refer to Greece a lot, it´s true and the only reason is because we want to go back again and again!!!
But with Onira we bring you the feeling of shopping as if you were in a greek island or somewhere in Athens. You live the dream (oniro in greek) and that´s where the name came from.