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WAKS started in 2005 by Yannis and Evie​​, with a simple intention; create beautiful candles to complement your mood and your favourite spaces, no matter the season. 

Their candles and diffusers are available in a variety of glass, ceramic and wooden vessels. Either for a quiet reading corner or a large dinner party, you will find the perfect fit.
They proudly work with makers from all over Greece to create their ceramic collections.
Small batch production and individually added details mean that no two are quite the same. 
The candles are filled with natural wax and set with a 100% cotton wick. They are hand poured in their production unit in Athens.
The vessels can be kept forever. Reuse them for plants, stationery even kitchen spices.
Unleash your imagination and keep enjoying your pots with or without WAKS.

Their mission is to create high quality, beautiful candles to complement your mood and your favorite spaces any time of day. They truly believe in the power of a well-made candle to transcend time and place. Each burn is another opportunity to explore the vast horizons of your imagination or to create everlasting memories with your loved ones.

Waks is also rooted in Greek-ness. Greek traditional crafts and clay-making techniques inspire their vessels and pots, Greek nature, rich, varied and wild, gives birth to their scents while Greek craftsmen make all their creations. Therefore, they cannot turn a blind eye to the environmental impacts of production. So, they are continuously improving their operation to become as sustainable as they can be.

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